All about me

Christoph Profanter makes his home in Tyrol/Austria. General surgeon by his profession, he has been photographing nature since more than three decades.

His images want to inspire viewers, increase understanding of nature and promote protection of natural places and wildlife. Nature photographs are documents and art as well. Thus, it is essential to respect natural conditions during shooting without compromise and reduce post processing to an absolute minimum.

Nature photography means transforming a subjective perception of a landscape or wildlife scenery at a defined moment into a visible picture. This image is the vehicle to share photographer´s vision with others. Many photographs were awarded or published in national and international competitions, exhibitions and magazines. Beyond a selection of those images, the web-gallery shows mainly his personal favorites.

Actually, his photographic equipment consits of Canon digital cameras and lenses. His favorite wide angle zoom for landscapes and natural sceneries is the EF 11-24mm L on an EOS R5 (or 5DsR). For classical macro work he is using a L 100 mm macro lens, whereas for wildlife an EOS R5 in combination with an EF 400mm DO IS II (including both extenders) or an RF 100-500mm L IS are his first choices.



All about Wines

Good wine emerges from vineyard as a product of nature. He tells us stories of grapes, soil and weather, year-to-year. Growing and climate conditions of Northern Tyrol are characterised by a long vegetation period and major thermic excursions between cool nights and sunny days. These effect intense fruit aromas and elegant structure of wines. On our little vineyard at the Mieminger Plateau thrive Pinot gris, Bouvier (a natural mutation of Pinot blanc), Zweigelt and Roesler als Austrian quality grape varieties.

In cellar, our wines develop on their own with only minimal enological interventions: fermentation in stainless steel tanks, malolactic fermentation, long maceration periods for reds  and maturation in oak and acacia barrels. All grape varieties  are vinificated separately. Finally, two full bodied wines with elegant fruit aromas are composed: the white “Valentina“ (Pinot gris, Bouvier) and the red “Letizia“ (Zweigelt, Roesler). Blending ratios vary each year. The annually changing photographs on the labels symbolize the individuality of every vintage and its harmony with nature.